In-play (LIVE) raw betting odds and signals

Using in-play raw betting odds feeds you can get the instant updates of the LIVE signals and global betting odds on the in-play (LIVE) matches. The data should be processed programatically before they can be visualized or integrated into the sportsbook software.

You programatically subscribe to the event, which may be choosen from the list of the available events, and then we transfer the instant changes of that event to your side. There are practically no delay as we get the data in more efficient ways then the ordinary internet browsers do.
The communication is organized through the streaming sockets. The underlying data are packed using JSON and XML formats. With use of streaming sockets we dramatically increase the effectiveness of the data delivery.

The feeds of LIVE betting odds and real-time signals may be used for the following purposes:

  • Follow LIVE betting global market trends.
  • Use the signals to generate your own betting odds on LIVE events.

As an example you can see our trading software tools, which are on the one hand using the signals to generate betting odds, and on the other hand the tools are using the real-time betting odds to calibrate the mathematical engine with global markets during the in-play matches.

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