Pre-match sure-bet (Arbitrage Situations) XML feeds

Sure-bet (Arbitrage situations) is calculated using +20 formulas with +200 sure-bets combinations analysis over +70 bookmakers data on pre-match events.

The service supports rich set of filters to refine the data in accordance with your preferences. Sure-bet XML Feeds can be filtered using the following parameters:

  • Bookmakers (exclusion and inclusion)
  • Types of sports
  • Relevance (payout range)
  • Betting markets types

The information is constantly monitored and analysed to ensure that the feeds always reflect the most recent arbitrage situations in the global betting market.

Sure-bets analysis is one of the best methods for correlation with the global market trends. If you are one of our data providers, sure-bet XML feeds will be provided to you with discounts. Then sure-bet XML feeds can be integrated into the existing sportsbook software to mitigate the risks of the arbitrage situations and to minimize the losses on errorneous betting odds.

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