Football trading software, odds compiler

Football trading application allows odds compilers (sport traders) to generate (compile) and control various betting markets of the football events based on the powerful odds modelling functionality. Football trading software creates probabilistic and statistical models of the football events calibrating key parameters of the model with the global markets trends.

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With football trading software you can generate about 150 betting odds...

Football trading application can be used as for the pre-match so for the in-play (live) betting odds generation. In the pre-match betting odds generation mode trading software uses global trends for calibrating the underlying model, at the same time application gives you full control over the process of calibration and betting odds generation by manually refining key parameters of the underlying model. In-play mode of the betting odds generation uses live signals and global betting markets for calibration purposes, however as in the case of pre-match odds generation, football trading software provides full control over the process of betting odds generation and scores input.

With football trading software in average we provide 5000 football live events of 600 leagues/tournaments monthly.


Football trading software is highly customizable and flexible application that allows you to control the following core aspects of the betting odds generation:

  • Betting markets margins (overrounds).
  • Rules of betting markets inclusion.
  • Betting odds rounding rules.
  • Control over match and halves draw levels.
  • Betting markets blocking/unblocking mechanisms.
  • Multiuser environment.
  • In-play (live) signals.
Football trading software, odds compiler

Betting Markets Coverage

Below is the list of the betting markets which is currently generated by football trading software.

  • Asian handicap
  • Both halves Over(1.5)
  • Both halves Under(1.5)
  • Both halves to score
  • Both teams to score
  • Combined correct scores
  • Come from behind/match
  • Correct scores
  • Clean sheet
  • Double chance (1x-12-2x)
  • Draw no bet (1-2)
  • Draw in halves
  • European handicap (Match handicap)
  • First team to score (2 ways)
  • First team to score (3 ways)
  • Half with most goals
  • Half time/Full time
  • Half time/Full time Double chance
  • 1st Half or Full time
  • Segregated Half time/Full time
  • Individual Over/Under
  • Next goal to score (3 ways)
  • Total goals odd/even
  • Over/Under
  • Result/Total goals
  • Result/Total goals by teams
  • Scored draw
  • Score first/match
  • Total goals number
  • Total goals number by teams
  • Teams to score
  • Match result (1-x-2)
  • Win both halves
  • Win either halves
  • Win 1st half/match
  • Winning margin (single goal, goals range, great or equal, single or draw)
  • Win to nil

Integration and pricing

The software is installed on the workstations (computers) of the odds compilers (traders). The software then communicates with our servers and if the synchronization is turned on by odds compiler the results are redirected to the sportsbook software hosted at your side. Football trading software designed in the way to allow single odds compiler control and lead several sporting events simultaneously.

XML Feeds of Consolidated Betting Odds

  • We provide various mechanisms that will speed up the process of the integration of the system with an existing sportsbook software.
  • We do not charge for the integration and deployment period.
  • We do not charge depending on the number of the users and matches played.
  • No long term contracts and obligations.
  • We provide unlimited period of maintenance and support for free.