Averaged pre-match XML and JSON sports feeds

Feeds Coverage

  • Averaged pre-live betting odds of +25 sports and +1800 leagues and tournaments.
  • Data of +70 bookmakers sources.
  • More than 1400 unique types of betting markets.

Configuration Options

  • Ability to associate data sources (bookmakers) with leagues and tournaments.
  • Setting individual payouts schemes over betting odds.
  • Rounding and margins.
  • Comprehensive averaging mechanisms with outliers detection.
  • Dedicated web console access for configuration settings.

Technical Features

  • Scalable solutions on highly available servers.
  • Multilanguage support.
  • Optimized and compressed format of XML and JSON data.
  • Constantly updated datasets of countries, legues, teams and types of betting markets.
  • 24/7 support and maintenance.

Averaged betting odds are simply aggregated bookmakers betting odds which before getting combined and averaged are passing through the several validaion stages. And only then are consolidated using special rules (preferences) that our customers define.

XML Feeds of Averaged Betting Odds

The definition of that rules is accomplished by special online tool, called XML Feeds Consolidator and consist of the following steps:

  • Grouping bookmakers whose data should be consolidated on the certain league/tournament. For instance, it is possible to define configuration for all available soccer events of British Premier league to be consolidated using the betting odds of the William Hill and Victor Chandler only. Thus it is possible to instruct Prematch XML Feeds Consolidator to average specific bookmakers data for the certain league/tournament.
  • Setting the profits and rounding rules on betting odds. By this step you define the set of the betting markets to be included into the consolidation process as well as the profit margins to be applied (overrounds).

XML Feeds Consolidator screens - Settings & Preferences

consolidated events list tab iDea iDea iDea iDea iDea

List of consolidated events.

This tab shows the events and betting odds that were aggregated based on the defined rules (preferences). The same set of events should be available in XML or JSON prematch feeds.

Leagues and tournaments association with groups of betting markets.

Using this tab you can bind bookmakers and profit groups with the certain league/tournament events. Rows in the table correspond to the existing bindings. To include the events of the league/tournament into the XML feed there should be a corresponding binding entry with bookmakers and profit groups.

Named groups of bookmakers.

The tab 'Bookmakers groups' allows to combine the bookmakers into the named groups to bind them with the leagues/tournaments. Within a group you can define mandatory bookmaker(s) whose sport events should be considered primary ones.

Profits margins of betting markets.

This tab allows to create named groups of the betting markets with the rules of rounding and associated profit groups. The profit groups are then used in the configurations.

Rounding margins of betting odds.

Named groups of rounding margins that can be associated withentire profit groups as well as with certain betting markets.

Rounding pairs of betting odds.

Named groups of rounding pairs that can be associated with entire profit groups as well as with certain betting markets having two outcomes.